Target #3

He was always going to be the one prepared, wasn’t he?

You see, it is a matter of absolute fact that Disney had his head frozen (I heard it from a bloke down the pub, or at least I would have if I were much of a pub-goer). So, in the future, when his head is revived and transplanted on to a robot body, he would journey to the past to warn his past self of the my arrival.

So I was never going to stand a chance against Walt Disney and his timetravelling robot future self. Not a chance.

And with the pioneers of the past wiped out, Disney could claim he invented animation all by himself and the world becomes one giant Disneyland ruled by an army of rodent-shaped robots.

I set out to save the world and doomed it instead.

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Animators are funny!

Ah, the tears of a clown.

You’ll find people living with depression in all walks of life. Isn’t it amazing how many times we find out entertainers are ridden with it though? Almost every time a comedian dies, it comes out that they suffered most of their lives with depression.

Does the pressure to entertain eat away at us?

Or is entertaining a way of dealing with it?

Like the chicken and egg thing, except that has an easy answer (the egg). The good thing about being in animation is that you get to sit at a desk for hours on end on your own. This means that you just have to get the ‘funny’ and ‘joy of life’ onto the page. You don’t have to live it. Which is good because most animators aren’t funny. And usually those who are most convinced they are funny are the least funny.

If you cross your eyes when someone takes a picture, I mean you.