Wot a Skeleton

Maybe it was because of Disney’s “The Skeleton Dance,” but it seems skeletons proliferated in cartoons made by the Van Beuren studio in the early ‘30s.Oakley Sunglasses

Here’s one in the nonsensical Tom and Jerry debut cartoon “Wot a Nite” (1931). I like the gag. A skeleton is bathing and then is shocked two guys are seeing him naked. So he escaped by swirling down the bathtub drain.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

Later, the skeleton plays the piano and we get skeletons minueting.oakley sunglasses Sale

John Foster and George Stallings get the co-direction credit. Gene Rodemich does a nice job with the score, as usual.oakley sunglasses Cheap

The internet is us

Man, what a crappy couple of days. I’m sitting trying to focus on something, anything, and I just can’t do it.Golf SunglassesSo browsing more sites, partly for inspiration and partly to kill time.oakley sunglasses Outlet

There really are common things running through many websites. Like, when given the opportunity to create our own space, our own little home where we can invite others to (which is kind of what websites are, whether trying to hawk products, services or just discuss things or whatever), we seem to do things in similar ways. And we seem to be drawn more to certain websites.Wholesale Oakley Sunglasses

Of all of these similarities, online shopping mobile there is one thing that seems more common and more prevalent than anything else. I kind of picture moving through the internet like the end of 2001 (the film, not the year) and seeing only that one thing.

And now, if an alien being were to ask me, “what is human?” I would answer just one word. What is it? Well, it would be no fun if I told you now but I’d love to see if anyone comes to the same conclusion.

I’ll tell you tomorrow. cheap android phone How crappy is at? Stretching one post out for two days? Man, I’d be pissed. And not even a picture? Worst blog ever.

Stop, Diego, Stop: Cartoon doll gets man carpool path ticket

diegoTo be clear, State Patrol troopers say, kids do count for the carpool lane tally. Just not fake one.moissanite engagement rings
On Thursday, the State Patrol detailed a stop in which a man late for work put his daughter’s doll in the front passenger seat and tried to glide by in the carpool lane.moissanite jewelryThe doll was Diego, cousin of Dora the Explorer.man made diamonds

Diego got his own show, a spinoff of the Nickelodeon pre-school-age series, in 2005: “Go Diego, Go.”

Luckily for him, fake kids don’t get tickets from troopers.

dora-diegoThe incident happened Nov. 29 on the northbound state Route 167 ramp to northbound Interstate 405. The driver was one of 21 people stopped for carpool lane violations that dawn.wholesale moissanite

“As cars moved past in the HOV lane the trooper observed a vehicle whose passenger had enormous unblinking eyes,” Trooper Julie Startup said in a statement. “Realizing it was a doll in the front seat the vehicle was stopped.”cheap moissanite

But at least the driver was careful with his daughter’s doll. Diego was wearing his seatbelt.