Questions about Book Revue

Bob Clampett’s “Book Revue” screams along at such a pace that you don’t have time to ask yourself questions. Such as:

Who are these people? Yes, that’s Daffy Duck as a quasi Danny Kaye and Little Red Riding Hood. But who’s the second Daffy with the witch hat in the background? The other two background characters kind of appeared in the short. There’s the Durante caricature, but now he has hair. And there’s one of the Frankie-loving bobby-soxers, except now she has breasts.

And what are those little things that are dancing around Daffy and Red? Where did they come from? And why is there a cut in the visuals (but not in the soundtrack) and they’re suddenly gone? Well, I guess we’ll never know. But the cartoon is a lot of fun. Animators who got credits are Bob McKimson, Rod Scribner, Manny Gould and Scribner’s ex-assistant, Bill Melendez.


Maybe I should give a little introduction to depression. I’m talking full-on clinical depression here. That’s what I have. Or I should say, have had, though I consider it an ongoing condition. I have had two major incidents of it but I’m always on alert.

According to Wikipedia, clinical depression affects 7-18% of people some time in their lives. Okay so Wikipedia isn’t exactly the most reliable source on the planet as any idiot can edit it (and many do) but it’s a good place to start.

It mentions Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is feeling down in the Winter time. I actually thought I had that once. When it lasted through Summer and into Autumn, there was a problem. Turns out, what I had was Depression with Melancholic Features.

Oddly enough, I didn’t really feel sad as such. I felt totally empty though. Completely disconnected from life and the world. I felt like I wasn’t really me. I wasn’t sleeping and had a bunch of other symptoms that led to the diagnosis. It was the first time I was diagnosed, though I had it years before and only knew what it was when I finally got that diagnosis. So, according to Wikipedia, here are the main symptoms:
“Melancholia is characterized by a loss of pleasure (anhedonia) in most or all activities, a failure of reactivity to pleasurable stimuli, a quality of depressed mood more pronounced than that of grief or loss, a worsening of symptoms in the morning hours, early morning waking, psychomotor retardation, anorexia, or excessive guilt.”

Try living with this for 6 months. Or a year. Or every year. That’s what people with depression live with.

Some people get to such a stage that you can’t miss it. But there are a lot of people out there living with it that you just won’t know. They plaster on a smile and get on with their day, secretly dying inside. You just never know what’s going on with people.

Choking the, Um…

Woody Woodpecker tries to strangle a chicken that’s guarding his cue ball (thinking it’s an egg) in “Solid Ivory.” The chicken gets tossed around in perspective at the camera, and in time to the classical music. Here are some drawings.

Grim Natwick and Hal Mason get the animation credits on this one but others worked on it.